Making a Financial Plan for 2013: Change Your Outlook

How are your finances this year? Have you saved enough to reach your financial goals or are you still buried in debt? Do not lose hope. A new year is a chance to turn your life around, especially in terms of your financial standing. However, you have to want to do it or it will never be accomplished. If you are ready to turn your life around, making a financial plan for 2013 is one of the best ways to achieve this. Here are a few tips that can help.

Spend Less on Electricity

Turn the lights off if no one is in the room. Your mother must have told you that a thousand times while growing up. Mommy was right. By adjusting your habits, you could save more on electricity. Think about it. How many times have you left the television, lights, and air conditioner on? Many of us forget to do these little things and it is costing us a lot of money. Most of your money may be going to power wasted on an empty house. Think about the hundreds of dollars spent on wasted electricity. Turn the power off when you do not need it, as this will save the planet and remove a large percentage from your electricity bills.

Get Rid Of That Gas Guzzler

If your car is fuel-efficient, skip this tip and move on to the next one. But if your car is a gas-guzzler then consider replacing it. While it may seem like a wasteful purchase, think about how much you would save on gas in the long run. People who choose to buy vintage or classic cars should consider how much they spend on gas. True, you car may look nice and can turn heads when you drive by. But vintage models should be used for cruising on a weekend, not as daily transportation. These cars are a hassle to maintain, especially if you do not have the funds.

Make Money in Your Free Time

Write articles, mow lawns, teach a yoga class or take your neighbor’s dog for a walk. Make extra money when you have time to spare. Never say no to an extra inflow of cash if you can handle it. Doing so will help you spend more on yourself. Why would anyone say no to extra money? Find something that you enjoy doing and use that as your cash cow. This will help you see the job as a hobby instead.

These may seem like very simple tips. However, if you were to do the math, you would see how helpful they are. Making a financial plan for 2013 does not have to be in chart form. By changing your habits and outlook, you can look forward to a brighter and more financially stable 2014.