Financial Goals Help You Avoid Making Short Term Irrational Buying Decisions

People that have financial goals have the ability to avoid the irrational decisions that often come into play once money is earned. Anyone that does not have long term financial goals is bound to spend frivolously on short term things.


It takes discipline to set financial goals. People need to know this as soon as they start making money. It is vital to have a plan because money can easily get spent on things that have no long term value.

A person may have to read some books or magazines to get what they want. They may have to make decisions that are lead to a better life down the road, but it takes a vision. Individuals that map out their goals early on will have the ability to make better decisions as they elevate from one job to the next.

Better Decisions with Time

It is natural for people that have a desire to spend money, but financial goals can help people make better decisions. When people are able to meet their goals they will see that they can get more fulfillment from security money for their future.

As time moves on it will become routine to save more and worry less about spending frivolously. People that have become disciplined through their written goals will see the value of making good decisions with the money that they earn.

More for Less / Avoiding Instant Gratification

Another advantage that comes with financial goal settings is the ability to find better deals. A person that is looking for instant gratification may spend a lot of time trying to buy things that are overpriced. These people may make some really irrational buying decisions by trying to obtain things that are not on sale. They overspend when they don’t have to.

People that take time to set the financial goals for themselves do not have to completely deprive themselves. To the contrary, these people can get a lot of the same things that people who fail to set goals get. The difference, however, is that these people will have the ability to obtain these things for less. A person that sets financial goals knows when they should buy and when they should wait.

Investments and Growth

The main reason that all of this is so important is because it plays a very important part in helping people make investments. People that make irrational decisions about their money will have no money to invest. Individuals with no money to invest will have no money for their retirement or anything else. These are issues that people have to face when they spend irrationally. It may seem like such a frivolous thing, but small irrational buying decisions can account for years of unnecessary extended work.

People that want to retire should consider long term financial goals and how the goals affect their overall plans. When individuals take the time to discipline themselves amazing things can happen with their finances. Real power lies in financial goal setting.