2013 Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers, Whats The Best Option?

Finances will always be a crucial part of our lives. With the state of the economy and how it has declined years ago, plus the way it has increased in more recent times, we will always be in need of new ways to boost our earnings. While there are many legit and effective ways to do this, the primary focus is working on improving the methods we already have/take part in. This could include getting promoted at a job, decreasing the monthly cost of a utility bill, increasing a credit limit with any one of your accounts or balance transfers for your credit card.

As the new year approaches, so does new rules and policies with our financial accounts. For some time now, many companies have been working on convenient loopholes to benefit their clients and customers. This can be the simple gesture of cash back percentages or lower APR’s. Most customers can confess that most times, these policies are very helpful. Even when you are not affected by them right away; eventually you do notice how it becomes helpful. This will ensure the longevity of the existing customers and guarantee the arrival of plenty new ones.

Balance transfer credit card offers are when you can transfer the money you owe one credit company to another company. This is mainly offered to attract new customers as said earlier. Many companies offer this present day but only some are slightly more reasonable with the APR percentages and rates. This is the main thing you must consider. When 2013 officially arrives, only a few branches and card types of these companies will be best known for this offer and they are listed below:




•Capital One

•American Express

Mostly all of these companies (and some of their cards) offer 0% percentage rates when you accept the balance transfer credit card offers. The time span of this rate can vary anywhere from 12 to 18 months. Some of the offers even include money bonuses from one hundred dollars and up! These balance transfer offers can be considered promotions and does not last for too long. The point is to get you to take advantage of it while it stands.

As 2012 ends, the best offers for this year included companies like Citi, Capital One, Chase and Discover. Some of the same ones predicted for next year. Clearly, the best offer period, consists of the longest time period, lowest APR rate and cash back option. This not only means that the offer stands for a while but also that you will receive cash back and not accumulate high amounts in fees. This is the ideal offer to look for and choose although all of them are very helpful. To find out if your company will offer you this option, you can inquire with customer service. They will be able to answer that along with giving you the details on how it works if you do decide to accept.